Cyber AI Platform-as-a-Service
Cybersecurity Complexity, Solved

The Platform

Our Platform makes it really simple for Companies to embed deep security into their operation while minimizing the need to internally Aquire, Build and Maintain Security Engineering Teams and Data Scientists to perform routine Cybersecurity Tasks.

Fast Time To Respond Attacks

Ensure incidents are remediated fast.

Talent Gap

Enable your talent to focus on adding unique value to your customers.

Eliminate Failure

80% of Algorithms never make it to production due to unique deployment challenges. We take care of these.

Beyond The Hype

Selling a shiny new tool with "AI" can be appealing, but such tools rarely meet industry needs. We gave an entire talk about this at a Major AI Conference in Toronto in 2018. Vendors fail to address the following:

Data Quality

Your AI Models are only as good as your Data, which remains unique for each organization and keeps on changing.


The relevance of the output of any Cybersecurity AI system is directly proportional to the context in which it was generated, and this keeps on changing.

Attack Surface

Your attack surface is unique based on your own IT environment and this keeps on changing.

Already Have A Security Team

Schedule a demo to learn how our Platform-as-a-Service can enhance your team output and enable them to focus on what matters to them.

Security Operation Center

Workforce Stress

MIT stated Workforce Stress as "Cybersecurity's insidious new threat". Analysts need better tools.

Diverse Skillset

Cybersecurity is a vast field, comprising of subdomains like Networking, Endpoint, Application, Reverse Engineering to perform tasks. Worse, the threat landscape keeps on changing. Analysts, who are already overworksed, don't have time to take untargetted security training.


Analysts are making mistkaes due to fatigue and skill gaps, leading to poor Accuracy and high TDD.

Rare Attack Detection

Surface rare attacks.

Explainable Inference

Drive informed decision making by intuitively understanding the elements generate an inference.

Automated Incident Response

Our module identifies the appropriate steps needed to mitigate threats, making life easier for analysts and reducing human error.

Serverless Computing

Automated Incident Response

Our platform Automates Incident Response, enabling Security Teams to focus on what they love - building new security tools.

False Positive Reduction

We are brining our research in Enterprise SOC operations to drastically reduce false positives.

Risk-Driven Decision Making

Augment your decision making with our expertise in your chosen IT Risk Framework and Artifical Intelligence to ensure decisions are made on a Risk-Based approach.


Our carefully curated team, comprising of experts from Industry and Academia specializing in Cybersecurity (SOC, Application, Network and Cloud Security), AI/ML, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Usability and User Modelling is always looking to solve challenging problems. We are already working with some of the largest clients in North America. Please reach out to for more information.

Our Story

We are a University of Waterloo Startup at the intersection of Cybersecurity and AI. We started off by doing research in the application of AI within Cybersecurity and sharing our insights with large Enterprise clients and at conferences. This enabled us to deeply understand a number of unique challenges faced by companies. We knew we were onto something new when we were getting great feedback from the Industry and Leaders in Cyberecurity but didn't mould with the "Status Quo" preached by the other companies. We decided to build a Platform to make it easy for firms to solve the Cybersecurity problem. Hence, the first (Cyber AI) Platform-as-a-Service was born.

Tahseen Shabab

CEO | Cybersecurity AI

Tahseen graduated from the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering. He has ever since dedicated his career towards Cybersecurity. He was the Lead Developer of IBM AppScan Source Cloud, a leading Application Security (SAST) Tool. He is an Award winning Cybersecurity Consultant for multiple Fortune 500 firms, Financial institutions, and Governments. Tahseen was the solo developer of a Data Driven Enterprise Grade Risk Assessment Tool used by a Major Bank to drive remediation efforts. Tahseen was previously Developer #8 of Beat the boss 2/3 game, which went to 2nd in iOS charts in 2013. As a Coop student, he was one of 14 Network Engineers at Public Mobile, a telecommunications startup, that was acquired by Telus. Tahseen is the recipient of the following awards:
• UWaterloo VFF $25K
• IBM Excellence Award
• IBM Manager’s Choice Award
• BMO Retail Revolution Award
• UWaterloo President’s Scholarship of Distinction
• UWaterloo Engineering International Students Scholarship of Merit
Tahseen is currently pursuing the Data Science Professional Certificate Program by MIT, focusing on Machine Learning.

Prof. Hassan Khan

Chief Scientist

Prof. Hassan Khan completed his Ph.D. and Post Doc from the University of Waterloo in Cybersecurity and MSc from the University of Southern California. Hassan has over 22 Published Research papers within Security, Systems and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), many of which were presented at prestigious venues like ACM MobiCom, ACM MobiSys, ACM CCS, and ACM CHI. His research work has been featured by The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine's Techland, The New Scientist magazine and more. Hassan was also the Co-founder and Technical Lead at xFlow Research, a successful startup that built state of the art software-defined networking solutions for companies such as Marvell Technology, Netgear, Dell, and Cavium Networks. Prof. Hassan is currently spearheading the new Cybersecurity AI Lab at The University of Guelph.

Prof. Kate Larson

Advisor - AI

Prof. Kate Larson is a professor at the University of Waterloo and is affiliated with the AI Group. She is interested in issues that arise in settings where self-interested agents interact. She works with ideas that lie in the intersection of artificial intelligence, game theory and microeconomics.

Prof. Larry Smith

Advisor - Strategy

An adjunct associate professor at the University of Waterloo, Larry is the Founding Director of the Problem Lab, one of the few in the world devoted solely to finding and understanding important problems. He has happily taught ten percent of Waterloo’s alumni, and is a recipient of the University’s Distinguished Teacher Award.

Deep Industry Expertise

IBM AppSec on Cloud

Tahseen was previously a Lead Developer of IBM AppScan Source Cloud Tool (SAST) which identifies vulnerabilities on Source Code. AppScan Source is trusted by many Fortune 500 firms. His contributions earned him the "IBM Managers Choice Award".

Large Bank (Canada) DevSecOps

Tahseen advised the client on Security Best Practices in DevOps Pipeline, including the use of proactive security controls, threat modeling, security unit tests, SAST, DAST and more.

Large Bank (Canada) IT Risk Vulnerability Management

Tahseen designed and developed a Data Driven solution to address the clients Vulnerability Management needs. He implemented IT Risk Model calculations in database solution to perform Risk Assessment. Tahseen lead development of SQL queries to generate trends and produce meaningful information from raw data and created ETL package using SSIS to automate data import, calculation and reporting process with another consultant. His contributions earned him an award.

Large Bank (Canada) AppSec

Tahseen performed Application Security Assessment (DAST) of 35+ Web Applications using tools and manual testing. He also authored 10 hr Application Security Training session for Consultants and Developers, focusing on how to best use tools to identify OWASP Top 10 Security Risks.

Fortune 60 Telecommunication Firm (US) Secure SDLC Automation

Tahseen designed and developed a custom solution using Node js, Express js, JSON and XML to integrate with IBM AppScan Enterprise REST APIs to automate DAST/SAST in SDLC.

North American Government Security Architecture

Tahseen Architected the integration of a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to an existing infrastructure being built by a large vendor for the client.

Top Financial Services Firm (Canada) DDoS Protection

Tahseen was the technical lead responsible for preparing change grid and organizing activities related to deployment of DDoS Solution to 14 mission critical sites. He also succesfully managed the deployment of these sites by coordinating with clients and an external vendor.

Top Printing Services Firm (US) IPS SIEM Optimization

Tahseen was one of two consultants to perform tuning of IPS leveraging data-driven approach prior to integration with IBM QRadar SIEM. They analyzed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) logs, identified trends and provided recommendations to reduce false positives (70% of logs) and set preventive measures to block attacks. The Client realized the value of their work and extended their contract.

Leading Certification Consulting Firm (Canada) AppSec

Tahseen performed Application Security Assessment (DAST) of 35+ Web Applications using AppScan Standard, Burp and manual testing

Leading Engineered Environmental Solutions Firm AppSec

Tahseen performed Web Appliation Security Assessment DAST of clients Web Applications using IBM AppScan Standard, Burp and Manual Testing.

Multiple Health Insurance Firm AppSec

Tahseen performed Web Appliation Security Assessment DAST of Word Press Applications using WPSan, IBM AppScan Standard, Burp and Manual Testing.

Interview with Bryan on Cybersecurity and AI2019 June: Cyber Tech and Risk

Thoroughly enjoyed sharing some insights on Cybersecurity and AI with Bryan at Cyber Tech and Risk.

Cybersecurity AI Research Paper Discussion2019 May: AI Socratic Circle (AISC, formerly TDLS)

Facilitated a discussion on "Near-optimal Evasion of Randomized Convex-inducing Classifiers in Adversarial Environments", presented by the author Pooria Madani

We are really excited to get accepted into the MaRS Start Program! Looking forward to all the great mentorship as we take our company to the next stage of our journey.

Thank you WaterlooEDC for putting us on the Cybersecurity Map!2019: "New cluster map shows how Waterloo, Canada businesses are securing the world"

Full Article:

We are Back in Toronto!2019: Toronto Deep Learning Series

We are excited to be a part of the Vibrant AI community in Toronto. Facilitated a discussion on DeepMinds "Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge", presented by Liam.

"People in Cyber" Conference 2018: RBC

Talking about Cybersecurity and AI.

Sunny California!2018: San Francisco

Had a great time networking and getting some solid mentorship.

"Cyber Tech and Risk - AI" Conference 2018: RBC

Talking about Cybersecurity and AI.

AI Squared Forum" Conference2018: UofT

We were happy to share our insights on "The Needle in a Haystack problem of Attack Detection in Cybersecurity and how AI can solve it".

G10 AI Conference2018: Kitchener

It was an honour to share our prospective on AI within Cybersecurity among industry experts

We would like to thank The Uniersity of Waterloo for their support.

Demo at EY2018: EY HQ

We would like to thank EY for having us over for a quick demo. The view is gorgeous!

Office Space at Velocity Incubator2017: Velcoity Garage

We would like to thank Velocity for the free office space.

Startup School Graduation Dinner2017: YC HQ

We would like to thank Startup school for the early mentorship.

The Journey Begins!2017: SFO Airport

Goofing around at SFO.

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